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Addition of Week Number function in Powerapps

Currently, we don't have any direct way to calculate week number of the particular Date.

It would be better to have a function which displays the weeknumber for example: WeekNum("26-10-2017") = 43 to avoid usage of other source for this information and then retrieving back to Powerapps application.


Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @GregLi

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Please please please - dont forget the Europeans - the weekno in ISO is different from the weekno used in USA 
ISO: weekno: There are no splitted week-numbers across the year-change so 1.1.nnnn can be weekno 53 (of the year before) and the ISO week starts on mondays !!!

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This formula is working for me (in powerapps, there is another one for Sharepoint lists:




DateValue1_1= The date I want to know the Weeknum of.

DatePicker1=Date selector control with the date 12/31/2018

DatePicker1_1=Date selector control with the date 01/01/2018


It works only when the week starts on Monday, which is my case 😉

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It has been more thank a year since this idea was voted . Is there any news ???

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bump! update please.

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i’ve been struggeling with this issue regarding finding the iso 8601 weeknumber in my Power App


So with a lot of help from Ryan in this post: i managed to deal with my issue


I did’nt want to use powerautomate in my app due to the app functionallity, so i took formulars and adapted it for Power Apps Here’s wat really worked for me:  If(RoundDown((DateDiff(DateValue(Year(DateAdd(DateValue(Text(ThisItem.’Start Time’)),4))&”/1/1″),DateAdd(DateValue(Text(ThisItem.’Start Time’)),4))+6)/7,0) = 0,53,RoundDown((DateDiff(DateValue(Year(DateAdd(DateValue(Text(ThisItem.’Start Time’)),4))&”/1/1″),DateAdd(DateValue(Text(ThisItem.’Start Time’)),4))+6)/7,0))


‘Start Time’ is in my case monday aka the start of the week