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Adjustable Size of Dropdown Box

Please allow for the adjustment of the size of a Dropdown Box, especially the top to bottom length.

Depending on how the screen is built, there can be extra room utilized for the dropdown box which would reduce the need to scroll thru a longer list of items.

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My lists sometimes go beyond the screen limit, making it impossible to select the last item on a combobox and dropdown list

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Not sure if there is a work around but i am getting the same issue as user @Nextlevel , the dropdown box go beyond the borders of the app making it impossible to select some values.

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The same issue here, I also have posted the same question in this community forum. Possible solution to this is by positioning the box either higher or lower to accommodate the current size. But I agree the current fix sized is not the best solution.

Advocate I

Hi guys,

Did you use any workaround since your post ?

I'm having the same issue for several of my comboboxes in my app.


Help please.