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Advanced layout tools

I've been finding it frustrating to acheive a precise layout of controls and control content in the studio.


Here are some examples:


  • Forced to context-switch. Switching to the home tab or searching through the list of attributes to align a control tends to disrupt my thought process and force me to context-switch. 
  • Aligning or distributing multiple controls. Unless I'm mistaken, you can't designate a reference control for the align operation (or reference controls for the distribution operation).
  • Resize controls and/or control content. The ability to modify the bounding box of a control, or it's content, can be useful in subsequest layout operations (e.g. align and distribute). Helpful options might be:
    • Fit content to a control's bounding box.
    • Resize a control's bounding box to surround it's content.

So my suggestion would be to have something like a separate Layout tab in the ribbon with advanced options. Or maybe a layout edit mode that would allow you to focus on laying out teh controls exactly as you want them.


Similar to this related idea, I would suggest InDesign as an excellent example of great layout functinoality.

Status: New