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All Dynamics CRM training course materials should be free for everyone to download

Author Name: Neil Benson

My suggestion is that CRM training materials should be free for anyone to download.

Partners are expected to purchase a Microsoft Dynamics Partner Foundation or Advantage Service Plan in order to access several benefits including access to the Dynamics CRM 4.0 and 2011 training guides.

The Dynamics service plans are most popular with larger partners who are committed to Dynamics CRM. The service plans are less popular with new and small partners who are still building their committment.

This means that the CRM professionals who need the most training (those who work for new and smaller partners) do not have access to training material, while those who are most likely to be certified already (those who work for Silver and Gold CRM certified partners) do have access to the training.

Well-training, certified CRM professionals perform better CRM implementations. It's in everyone's interests -- Microsoft, partners and customers -- to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has more well-training, certified CRM professionals available than competing systems. Microsoft will have happier customers, larger market share and greater software licensing revenues by providing free training materials to its customers and partners than it will by attempting to turn training requirements into a source of revenue., for example, provide administrator training guides at no charge for anyone to download from their website:

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 training course materials were free for any customer or partner to download and study. However, the policy changed with the release of CRM 4.0 and hasn't reverted with the release of CRM 2011. It should!

Status: Completed

Was told this has been addressed!

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Status changed to: Planned

Thank you for your feedback. We will consider this in our roadmap.



 Srikumar Nair

 PM, Microsoft


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I do agree w/ Neil. Microsoft should provide access to training material to everyone.
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i can't agree more with you Neil. this also may help to spread dynamics crm in the dev community. think for instance like sharepoint
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Agree Neil. Qualified consultants are surely better for Microsoft long term.
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I agree with you Neil. And I would go further and say that Microsoft should have a robust public website for CRM training material. The more well-trained professionals that exist in the CRM community the greater the CRM opportunity for everyone.
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In terms of knowledge transfer, CRM professionals (wanna be) is the first group, who should have acces to training materials for free. Strongly agree with Neil.
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I agree the training materials should be made available to free of charge. This can only benefit Microsoft in the long term.
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I agree. The training materials should be free of charge.
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Agree with Neil - it is not easy to grow (to obtain Silver competency) when Training Materials are so difficult to get. You have to be Silver member already - or to pay a hefty sum to get access. I think it is in the interest of Microsoft - to have more professional partners to win the competition war.
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Could not agree more, Neil. We're a small shop (1 director/sales guy, 1 director/consultant, 1 developer [me]). I can't remember what the criteria are for Silver/Gold partnership but I don't even think we have enough staff!! Either way, we're small fish in a small market, busy every day building custom solutions on CRM 4.0. It's difficult to find the time to upskill to CRM2011, but it would be a great deal easier with quality training materials.