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All Dynamics CRM training course materials should be free for everyone to download

Author Name: Neil Benson

My suggestion is that CRM training materials should be free for anyone to download.

Partners are expected to purchase a Microsoft Dynamics Partner Foundation or Advantage Service Plan in order to access several benefits including access to the Dynamics CRM 4.0 and 2011 training guides.

The Dynamics service plans are most popular with larger partners who are committed to Dynamics CRM. The service plans are less popular with new and small partners who are still building their committment.

This means that the CRM professionals who need the most training (those who work for new and smaller partners) do not have access to training material, while those who are most likely to be certified already (those who work for Silver and Gold CRM certified partners) do have access to the training.

Well-training, certified CRM professionals perform better CRM implementations. It's in everyone's interests -- Microsoft, partners and customers -- to ensure that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has more well-training, certified CRM professionals available than competing systems. Microsoft will have happier customers, larger market share and greater software licensing revenues by providing free training materials to its customers and partners than it will by attempting to turn training requirements into a source of revenue., for example, provide administrator training guides at no charge for anyone to download from their website:

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 training course materials were free for any customer or partner to download and study. However, the policy changed with the release of CRM 4.0 and hasn't reverted with the release of CRM 2011. It should!

Status: Completed

Was told this has been addressed!

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Thanks Neil for logging this suggestion and thanks to everyone else for your comments and votes. I've passed this suggestion on to the appropriate team. Regards, Nick Patrick Program Manager Microsoft Dynamics CRM This posting is provided "as is" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
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Thanks Nick. The MVP Summit kicks off in four weeks. By then, we hope to have well over 100 votes and I'll be asking Kirill for his response.
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Seems like a no-brainer! What could the counter argument possibly be? Pogo summarises my position perfectly: >>Either way, we're small fish in a small market, busy every day building custom solutions on CRM 4.0. It's difficult to find the time to upskill to CRM2011, but it would be a great deal easier with quality training materials.
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I agree, especially considering microsoft have upped the number of people who need to be certified in each company.
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I agree, we are a Microsoft Partner who is working towards a CRM offering. Why would you make harder to attract good companies and talent?
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I agree. The training materials should be free of charge.
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I agree that all E-Learning training materials should be available to all Microsoft Partners. We're a small shop like Pogo69 - a team of only 4 - and we will probably never meet the silver or gold volume quotas because we're focused on exceptional service and extensive customization for specialized client needs. I understand Microsoft's Partner Program changes from their standpoint, but I believe the committed little guys who have limited resources and lifelong customer relationships fill a real need. Providing training free is key to a highly skilled group of small partners and is a small loss of revenue for Microsoft.
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The power of customizing Dynamics CRM for on-premise customers is what makes it heads above the rest with competitors like Making this information free will increase time to value for Dynamics CRM customers/enthusiasts!
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We are also a small shop that makes the effort to learn our customer's businesses intimately so we can deliver CRM that works. In the "cloud age" things should be moving in the direction of less friction. I can sign up clients in a few minutes to an MS CRM Online trial. While they familarize themselves with the out of the box product we learn that customer's unique requirements. Then we can have an intelligent conversation about their customization and training needs followed by a formal implementation project plan. Training is the key both our customer's and our company's success. It should be made available for free or at an inexpensive rate from Microsoft. I just bought the 6 books that can be ordered on Amazon. I've spend quite a bit of time in the forums reading. The formal Microsoft provided training such as I had access to during the 3.0 timeframe would round out our knowledge and help get new hires up to speed.
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I agree