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Allow Admins to change tenants in and

I am a D365 / PowerApps admin for multiple Tenants. For a few of the Tenants, I have been added as a (Guest) user to their organization using the same credentials that I use for my home organization. When I go to or I see all of my home company Environments listed for my home Tenant. I have no way to switch to another Tenant though. To provide Administrative work on other tenants I have to use the old experience, navigating to the Tenant directly and opening Advanced Settings


As we move to the new experience for Power Platform / CDS / D365 and to support the Single Sign-on experience, there needs to be a way to switch tenants and work on different environments / Solutions without requiring different logins.



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Not just for admins, but developers as well. If I am a guest in a client's tenant, I should be able to work in their PowerApps environment using my guest account with proper licensing. Just like Teams has tenant switching capability, we should have the ability to use our regular domain login to access when added as a guest in another tenant. In short this is requesting tenant switching capability for power platform sites (,, etc). 


Particularly now that Dataflex is going to be accessible within Teams, and Teams already has the capability to do tenant switching, it seems like a bad thing for Dataflex PRO to have less functionality than Dataflex.

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Thirded. We are a provider for power apps dev for our customers and need this capability. Is there a workaround?

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Any news on that? Would be great to have a "Switch Tenant" option.

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Yeah, now it's a huge blocker, especially when due to customer's security policy one cannot log in using even a dedicated account from outside of the corporate machine.

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Thats right. This is a huge blocker since there is no workaround other than using legacy solution which misses a lot of features already.

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For us as a blocker as well.

Our client added me to his tenant and established the required environments and now I can't switch.

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We have switch tenant on the Azure Portal and Office Admin Center. Partners are already supporting customers using a single identity. This should be supported for PowerApps/Power Platform too. Otherwise, we have to use the classic interface or use local accounts in each tenant.

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This is a huge blocker for managing Dynamics tenants.  Both Azure and Microsoft 365 supports tenant switching, there is no reason PowerApps can't do it too.