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Allow Admins to login as Users

Author Name: Steve Hughes

It would be great if as an admin I could login as another user in order to troubleshoot issues that arise. Instead of having to waste a license for my test user so I can change the test users security roles to mimmick that of the individual having issues.

Status: Planned

Thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion! We are considering this for our future release.



Srikumar Nair

PM, Microsoft

Regular Visitor

I would feel better about this if it were more of a "sign-in with the end-user's security profile" vs. "signing in as them". Opens the door to data security issues...

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The promote to Admin feature involves that you have the user admin screen available in the menu for normal users. We decided not to bother users with menu options they don't use. I would prefer an option to be able to log in with certain security roles.

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I think there are two aspects of this:

1. For an admin/support/test person to log in as a user to see/replicate an error from that users security setup (security roles, teams, full POA setup in other words)

2. For a manager to be able to prepare and conduct a meeting with a subordinate and to see the system "from his/her perspective". Especially if security is based on a lot of teams, and there are many views and dashboards with "My xxxx" it will be really tricky for a manager to coach a subordinate without seeing the system from his/her perspective.

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why not do what Moodle does and have an option to let the owner switch to 'user'

Moodle allows admin which is essentially the owner to be a student for testing then revert to owner

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This feature would violate my companies security policies and cause us significant concern about permitting use of PowerApps. As Microsoft says "Identity is the new control plane". Permitting such operation is like using bazooka to swat a fly - you probably don't kill a lot of flies but you cause a lot of damage in the process.


if this feature is added it should be in the global admins control to disable it.

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The feature request is to be able to simulate a 'user' not login as a real user.
This would aid in trouble shooting an app as admin has overarching permissions for 'things' to work

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In a system which only connects to one server I agree this may work.

If you are talking to different servers - flow, custom connector,... all of them have to respect this impersonation.
Sharepoint had this feature and the people were confused why MSWord didn't respect the other login.

If I'm checking security headache I believe in a second account without god-mode.

Advocate I

Could you tell us when this feature will be implemented?  Salesforce already has this feature.


Resolver I

Drupal also can do this. It's a necessary feature, because it helps making testing so much easier, without having to bother all the users to participate in testing.