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Allow Back() operator to go back multiple screens

Back() takes you back to the most recent screen in the stack. 


I'd like to see an overload for this function that takes you back to a specific screen, discarding the stack that was made AFTER that screen. This allows for some more versatility in navigation, and also makes it possible to use combinations of Navigate and Back calls.


To illustrate:

Suppose you have a screen 'MenuScreen' from which you navigate to an item selection screen 'PickScreen'. After making the selection, it opens 'EditScreen' where you make some edits, then open 'EditScreen2' to do some more edits or operations. From each screen you should be able to go back one screen, but in addition, after finishing in EditScreen2, you also want to return to 'PickScreen' immediately.


In the current situation, you're forced to use Navigate() calls everywhere, because to get from EditScreen2 to PickScreen, you have to do a Navigate() call, which causes the use of 'Back()' in PickScreen sometimes lead back to EditScreen2 instead of MenuScreen.


But with this suggestion, you should be able to call Back(PickScreen) from EditScreen2; this would pop the navigation stack back to PickScreen, allowing the use of Back() there to return to MenuScreen.

Status: New