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Allow Collections to be used as a DataSource in Forms

Collections do not show up in the list of datasources when you create a display or edit form, but you can manually type in a collection name in the formula bar. However, even though this is accepted, you cannot then add fields based on the collection you have entered. The "edit fields" tab doesn't even allow you to add a custom datacard.


Can we get support for collections to be used in forms like they are in galleries and data tables?

Status: New
Level 8

Make a DataSource a type of collection. In other words, enable mirroring of a collection with what is now a DataSource, and make all the syncing automatic. Give it a boolean property "Online". It can be hard set to true to behave how a DataSource does now, but will read false when connection is lost. It can be hard set to false to only sync when Refresh is called. Setting it to a variable, or a more complex expression, will allow the program to change modes programmatically.

Level 8

@sopatte I'm not sure how that is relevant to this idea.