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Allow Components to be Reordered on Screens

I've been playing with the new Components feature in PowerApps, and I like it a lot so far.  It's saved me a bunch of time repeating code between screens.

I've recently used it to create a re-usable loading dialog for when the app is doing work in the background, and my only gripe with it is that the Reorder button is greyed out when selected (This allows you to determine what controls are in-front or behind each other).

When I insert a component into an existing screen, it always places it at the very back. 
Since the Reorder button greys out when you select it, you need to re-order every other item on the screen to bring it to the front.   


In an app where screens already have a lot of controls on the screen, this gets very tedious.


Component selected on the screen...Component selected on the screen...

Reorder button greyed-out...Reorder button greyed-out...

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It's been a few weeks I wanted to report this... Not sure though it should be an idea since all components in the left-hand side menu can be reordered, so why not components. May be a bug or something that was forgotten when components were released...

I'm eager to see this ASAP... 🙂


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@AccuFloDev and @R3dKap 

Agreed that this should be enabled in the ribbon, but, the reorder option IS available on components.  

Click on the ... in the tree view next to your component.  You will get a menu and one of your choices is "Reorder".  There you can do the reordering of the component within the screen.



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Hi @RandyHayes,

Indeed, you can do it using the "..." menu from the tree view and I've been using it since then. But it's a pain to reopen that "..." menu everytime you want to move your component up or down especially when there are a lot of controls on the screen you want to skip up or down.

Once again, I guess it's just that the PowerApps team forgot to "tell" the upper toolbar "Reorder" menu option to allow components to be reordered as well.


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@R3dKap wouldn't drag and drop within the tree be nice! Smiley Tongue

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Agreed ! Smiley Happy