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Allow Connection to Excel Files stored within SharePoint Librarys



I have found it is not possible to connect PowerApps to Excel Sheets stored in SharePoint Document Librarys., I guess I am not alone in having Excel Sheets stored in this way - and wanting to add a mobile layer to allow end users to update more easily.

As Power apps already supports Excel Sheets stored in One Drive for Business and access to SharePont lists, I would guess (with no knowledge!) that this would be easy to add?

Status: Planned
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Hi @Andrii 

The link you included says there "is" a solution but there is actually nothing there. More-over it talks about PowerBI which differs from PowerApps. What we have been looking for, for a long time, is connecting from PowerApps to Excel, with the Excel file stored in SharePoint. One can connect to an Excel file stored on a "traditional server/PC" but that would not be a cloud solution and is not practical for several reasons.


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Any updates on this planned feature please? 

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This feature must be implemented in short term because customers have to pay twice (for two different Microsoft products: Microsoft Power Automate and Power Apps) due to Power Apps missing basic features. See this for an in-detail discussion:

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My Power App works fine with Excel Online (OneDrive).

Need to use an Excel Online (Business) connector, so that I can host the Excel file somewhere other than my personal corporate OneDrive space.

Why is that connector only available for Flow/Automate and not PowerApps?

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How can you justify it being under Planned for more than 3 years. Did Satya Nadella said No? 

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Greetings, any update/ETA on this? Thank you for your assistance