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Allow Connection to Excel Files stored within SharePoint Librarys



I have found it is not possible to connect PowerApps to Excel Sheets stored in SharePoint Document Librarys., I guess I am not alone in having Excel Sheets stored in this way - and wanting to add a mobile layer to allow end users to update more easily.

As Power apps already supports Excel Sheets stored in One Drive for Business and access to SharePont lists, I would guess (with no knowledge!) that this would be easy to add?

Status: Planned
Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
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Can I get an ETA on this feature please?



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Hi I'm new to power apps but I really can't believe that this isn't available given just how much MS are pointing us towards using workspaces etc.  In my case, I'd like my spreadsheet in a workspace so that I can build from it post it back to sharepoint online and read the sharepoint list from PowerBi.  I suspect that this is a pattern that many people would wish to follow.


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 @Audrie-MSFT  I sincerely wish for implementation of this function as soon as possible.
Let me know if you know the timing of implement. Thank you.

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@O365_JP_Support I do not currently have an estimate for release for this feature. Adding @archanan in case there are additional updates to share.


Thank you for your patience in this regard,


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This shows as planned for 1 year now.  Please provide an update, I am also interested in using this functionality to edit the xls after using Forms in a teams site.

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This will very easily allow to create work orders via VBA (avarage user) and distribute them via powerapps. As of now this is done by sharing a private onedrive library, not the safest nor the the best privacy-friendly solution...

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I do not believe that this functionality is planned. It would undercut Microsoft's embrace of the CDS, which requires a paid subscription.


I could be wrong, of course, but over a year in the planning phase seems like the decision was made (but not announced) to limit the use of Excel as a data source to OneDrive or some other cloud service.

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After 2 years, is this still planned, but not implemented? Really? Is there any ETA for this feature??
Which is the point of having a secure environment on 365 if then, the data source needs to be stored outside it? and shared independently of the app permissions? non-sense!

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Is anything wrong with getting Excel sheet using Web connector, like desctibed here: