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Allow Datacards to have different heights in multiple columns

An editform can have a big inputfield for writing some comments, info, motivation or other kinds of sentences that need some space. Therefore the height of the inputfield needs to be big enough. When you use an editform with multiple columns and change the height of that datacard, the height of the datacard in the other column is also automatically changed which creates a big empty space in the editform. Sometimes you can work around by repositioning the datacard but sometimes this is just impossible due to userfriendly design I need to achieve.


As a workaround I have to create multiple editforms and use Patch to create updates when submitting the first editform. This is bad design, lots of work and totally unnessecary if only I could adjust the height of the datacard in the other columns. In the example below you can see I can not move "Title3" and "Title4" up. Unless I'm missing something?


Please improve this functionality as editforms are a core component of PowerApps.

For the width of datacards this is already possible today as the datacard width can span multiple columns


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Hey, I got the same problem.
How does your work around look like? 

In OnSave I currently got this Code:


If(SharePointFormMode="CreateForm", SubmitForm(CreateItemForm) & Set(lastID, CreateItemForm.LastSubmit.ID) & Patch(DataSource, First(Filter(DataSource, ID = lastID)), {'Property': ComboBox.Selected.Value})

I don't know whats wrong. Could you please help me.




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1) Move your biggest card to the last space. In the fields list, just drag and drop it at the bottom.


2) Make two edit forms and then put

SubmitForm(Form1); SubmitForm(Form2)

on whatever control you have for submitting the info. You don't need to patch manually if you are using the premade edit forms.