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Allow For A Method To Get Unique Names For All Actions In A CRM Org?

Author Name: Daryl LaBar

I'm not sure if this is a bug or just a missing feature with the implementation of Actions in CRM 2013, but there is currently no way to get the unique name for a custom action via the SDK. I've asked questions on both Stack Oveflow ( and the Microsoft Forums ( and the only response received is that you can't get this information.

When you query the Workflows for Actions using the SDK it does include a unique name, but the unique name does not contain the Organization Prefix (i.e. "new_"). I'm guessing this is a bug. The unique name is required by any late bound attempt to call the action, and so currently, needs to be hard coded.

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Proposition: Use this fetchxml to retrieve the activated actions Name + full unique name with the prefix.

If you join the Worfklow to the SDKMessage entity, it will give you the logical name of the custom action.