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Allow Microphone Audio to be send to Flow

It would be good if we could send the Audio output from your mobile devices microphone to MS Flow as a PowerApps variable.  Currently when i try to send Microphone1.Audio to a Flow it doesnt work.


There seems to be two bugs depending on how you setup your Flow

1. If you Send and Email in flow and request a powerapps variable, you will receive some form of audio attachment. it just cant be played or used that ive found (VLC Player)

2. If you Create a File in SharePoint and request a powerApps variable you only receive the URL of the audio file from PowerApps and not the actualy contents (binary).


So both methods dont work, i can save the audio to Azure Blob Storage and retreive that in the Flow and use it normally but this implies that a PowerApps P0 licence (office 365 E3 etc) cant use the output of the microphone unless they have an Azure subscription?

Status: New