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Allow SharePoint web app only creation, non mobile!

PowerApps is great for building a mobile solution and I see it is being pushed as the replacement for InfoPath.


InfoPath, the Content Editor and Script Editor webparts are not available in Modern Sharepoint pages and lists. 

In our modern lists the only way to add interactive solutions is to build a solution using either the SharePoint Framework or build a SharePoint Hosted Add-In, both of which requiire SharePoint Admin priviledges to implement. Most department devs such as myself do not have this permission and getting these types of solutions put in place can sometimes be a long and tedious process.


We have some data within our lists that should not be transmitted to a mobile device but yet we need a way to allow users to interact with this data. The default Sharepoint list forms are not suitable in some scenarios such as a dashboard type app that needs to interact with many moving parts.


With the above mentioned technologies missing from Modern pages and lists, if PowerApps is really the replacement for InfoPath, are there any plans for PowerApps to be able to create a Full Page app that is only available within SharePoint? 


Thank you.

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Hi KC,


When having talked to the team before, they have stated that SharePoint is a first class data source as well as primary target for accessability to PowerApps. They do not have it in their roadmap explicity anywhere I've looked, but I've heard that they are aiming to support this during a future release.


That said, I have found a temporary / hacky solution that works by using the page viewer web part to embed a tablet layout PowerApp into your SharePoint page. You can find the web URI for a PowerApp and use that as the source for your page viewer. This allows you to then use OOTB SharePoint permissions to manage rights to the page and even go further as to build restrictions within the app that can be managed by a separate list on the site.


This is hacky I will re-iterate. It currently, only easily works in chrome, and there are security issues with IE and Mozilla that I haven't been able to address yet. However it does help to paint a picture of what an embedded WP could look like.


Not probably the best answer but hope this helps.

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Hi Stormea,

Thank you for your suggestion, unfortunately I'm not able to get this to work.

It did point me to launching the apps directly from  Dynamics 0365 instead, From Dynamics O365 the apps do appear to launch a better experience. I need to explore this more.


Thank you


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Hi KC,


it is planned to implement a powerapps webpart into Sharepoint.

I have found a relevent entry in the official roadmap. According to this it is already in development.

Link to roadmap:


Kind regards,


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 Thank you Nui