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Allow access to data source from within components

By allowing this access, it would become possible to create components that can load from and/or patch records to your app's data sources.


In my practical scenario, I would like to create a reusable component that displays and automatically sends locally buffered data, and use this component in multiple screens within my app.

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

I think this would be a great improvement. I just started working with components and I am very excited about the possibilities, however without this functionality I am still having to replicate controls on multiple pages.

Advocate II

I would love to see this as well!  As Component Libraries move from preview to general availability, there are data driven components, that would be applicable to several PowerApps within my department.  

Kudo Collector

On a related note, I think it would be useful for components to be able to access global variables as well. 


This could for example be used to read global strings or color settings that are defined on the app level and used everywhere, without needing to pass these values into components using input variables.

Advocate I

My particular scenario is I have a navigation component and have an 'event' datasource that I want to record when a user clicks on a navigation item. This will allow analysis on which parts of the app are being used most and least often to help future enhancements.

Helper I

Our company also has a great need for this ability. We are using Components extensively in our different solutions. Now we want to make the Power App even more intelligent by lookups in Dynamics-365, but because we have used Components so much it is not possible without recoding/restructuring over 50 Power Apps that we have used for over 2 years in developing.

So we really hope it will come soon 🙂

Advocate II

I'd appreciate this as I have a piece of code that is being called very often and now I have to save it in a button on each screen as it uses a lookup on a datasource.

Helper II
Helper II

Would be great to break up an app into components. Would be easier for dev as a team.

Please add access to Datasources from within components.