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Allow adding DataTable Control into Layout Container control

Would you be so kind to add the DataTable as a possible child to the Container LayOut controls?



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PrashantGupta - That's a great hack! Thank you for sharing. I just tested it and it is working for me also.

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Thanks very much @PrashantGupta, your suggestion worked and has let us remove a bunch of complex resizing rules, so it's a very welcome tip!


Just noting that it only seems to work for inserting a new DataTable from the Insert toolbar and doesn't work for Copy/Paste of an existing DataTable - which meant we had to re-create the existing DataTable and all the OnSelect() methods for each of the columns etc.


So Microsoft still needs to fix this!

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I tried the solution of @PrashantGupta  and I feel like the first time I used it it worked but I tried to replicate it now without a success and the solution for me was as follows:

1. Add a Container

2. Add a label in a Container 

3. Add Gallery

4. Select label and and Data Table

5. Remove Gallery and Label)


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@PrashantGupta I have been searching for a solutions for days! Thanks for sharing with us!! 

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If I could throw my inflation-affected $0.02 in here...


I can't believe that this doesn't work, still.  It's been since 2017 that this DataTable has existed, and Microsoft can't spend a few days to make it be a child of a parent container?


Is anyone aware of any way to copy an existing/configured DataTable into a container, other than the method above of creating a new Datatable directly after creating a Gallery?


It would be great if we were able to edit the meta-data of a datatable to paste in the config.