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Allow adding DataTable Control into Layout Container control

Would you be so kind to add the DataTable as a possible child to the Container LayOut controls?



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Really? How can it not already be! 😭 One goes to all the hard work to set out a responsive layout to find out that not all elements will work. I mean seriously...

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Er.... So all I did was add the DataTable to the form and then set the x, y, width and height props to the 'parent' container's x, y, width and height values.... (e.g. Height = MainSectionContainer1_3.Height). Seems to work. I do wonder why this is isn't natively supported MSFT... 🤔

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Yes - we need this!

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 I noticed this is working since last week. Try a few times, because every time it drops inside of the container.

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This is very frustrating

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Container must accept any other control inside, even another Container.

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This is still not working. Adding a DataTable to a Container control (i.e. when the Container is the currently selected control) - either by the Insert menu or Copy/Paste does NOT work correctly. It results in the DataTable being inserted as a sibling of the Container.  As an aside, Gallery controls work correctly.


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Still not working!

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still not working!

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I was able to add DataTabe into Container like this:

1. Add a Gallery under Container.

2. Without selecting the Data Source of Gallery but let the Gallery be selected, add DataTable. It will now become Container child.

3. Remove Gallery later.