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Allow adding objects to an existing group

I build canvas apps almost exclusively, because I like to have more control over the appearance and behaviour of all my objects. This invariably leads to having many, many objects on each screen, which I then organize into groups (see screenshot below). I often encounter a situation where I want to add a new object to an existing group. In this example, I created the gallery object galDetailAtt, and I want to add it to the group grpDetailAtt. It would be nice to have an option in the contextual menu that will add the object to one of the groups. Currently, the only way to add an object to a group is to ungroup the objects, then regroup them with the new object, which can be very tiresome when dealing with a large number of objects.


Screenshot 2021-03-23 161451.png


Status: New
Regular Visitor

Select the group and the new object, then group them again. The new object will be included into the group, but you will lose the group name. Just need to rename the group again.

Regular Visitor

I would like to keep my name. 

Frequent Visitor

Losing a name is not the bad thing.

The bad thing is that you also lose all the properties for the group. Visible, OnSelect, etc.

I think it is necessary to be able to append new items to the group without losing all the settings.

Advocate I

The current situation is an unnecessary workflow interruption that the interface should be taking care of.  

Regular Visitor

This really needs to be added. Losing all Group properties when a new component is added to the group is unacceptable, causes re work and makes it susceptible to issues.