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Allow assigning System Administrator Security Role to S2S Application User

Author Name: Massoud Dehkordi

For S2S integration of other platforms to Dyn365 Online, a custom Security Role is needed to be assigned to the Application User.

But as new CRM Custom Entities are added, the original custom Security Role created does not have access to them, unless it is updated every time these new custom entities are added.

With a System Administrator Security role, access to new custom entities is automatic.

So any one of the following enhancements would remove the maintenance overhead for serious S2S integration scenarios:

  • Allow assigning the Application User to System Administrator Security Role
  • If a Custom Security Role is "Copied" from the System Administrator Role, then allow it to automatically be able to access all Custom Entities
  • The Custom Security Role could have a "Allow access to any Custom Entity" option


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