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Allow border on a ViewForm

Hi PowerApps Team,

Kindly consider adding the ability to add a border to a form that is in view mode. Currently when a form is in ViewForm even if there is a border it ignores this function and shows no border



Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @chmoncayMSFT

Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @chmoncayMSFT

Impactful Individual

This would be great. In view mode, the values are just kind of floating out there. You can put a fill on your form, but then the boxes the values sit in look terrible without any edges between the fill and the input.

Super User


a. Insert a Rectangle icon

b. Set as same size (width and height) and location (X and Y) as Form.

c. Set visibility to Form1.FormMode=FormMode.View

d. Send the rectangle backward so that actual controls show up.

Advocate II

Yes, please! What is the logic behind not being able have a border on a form that is in view mode? This has been under review since 2018. Is there any update on this?

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Highly wanted feature amongst our customers who are moving their old Infopath forms to PowerApps based forms 🙂

Having borders between datacards (when viewing) makes it much easier for reviewers to process the data.

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Is this still not available?

Super User

Here is an image of a form in view mode.   I have added a rectangle behind the form and changed the Key's to a semibold font, but even so, it is still difficult to differentiate between labels and values.   We need the ability to allow borders in view mode.


Isn't that something that should be up to the developer and not a default setting in the app.





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This is definitely needed.  It already takes an inordinate amount of time to wrangle fields into a descent order/layout/size and now we have to manually add rectangles to get borders on view forms.  I had so hoped that Power Apps was going to be better than InfoPath, but it just has the same amount of badness in different places...

New Member

Looking to see if there's an update on this.  We just migrated from InfoPath earlier this year.  I'm rebuilding forms in Power Apps, and this is really needed.  Having the boxes just floating around on the form is visually unappealing and makes it really difficult to read.  @CWesener @chmoncayMSFT