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Allow built-in icons to be used as an image source

As mentioned in this thread, I'd like to be able to use a built-in icon as a source for an image. This will come in useful in scenarios where you display an image from a data source, but want to fall back on a default when the image is missing. Of course you can work around this by uploading your own default image(s), or impose an Icon control on top of the Image control that you make visible when the image is blank


Example scenario: 

// Image control input parameter "Image"
If ( IsBlank( item.'Entity Image' ), Icon.Camera, item.'Entity Image' )

 Or maybe you need introduce an operation where you can retrieve the actual image data from the 'Icon' like:

If ( IsBlank( item.'Entity Image' ), Image( Icon.Camera ), item.'Entity Image' )


Status: New
Helper II

Probably a variation on the idea : for me would be very helpful to be able to build a horizontal gallery of inbuilt-icons. Maybe that is already possible - if so, please advise?!