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Allow calculated field capability on primary field

Author Name: Natraj Yegnaraman

In CRM 2015, when you create a new field, you can choose the type of field as calculated or simple. This feature is available everytime when you create a new field, with the exception of primary field. Technically, a primary field is created when you create the entity, hence the user should get the same capability that is available to other new fields.

Lot of times, I am write script to concatenate couple of fields and set the primary field as I make the primary field optional. Adding this capability would reduce time spent on writing such boiler plate code.

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This would be extremely useful, we wind up creating a Workflow to perform this functionality on nearly all of our Entities, which adds a lot of added management/complexity

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Same here. There are at least a few entities in every Dynamics implementation where the primary field is created by a concatenation in a workflow. It's kludgy and hard to keep in sync if a field value changes. A calculated text field would solve this in a very elegant fashion. That should be an option.

Think about it from the users perspective. They don't always want to have to come up with a "name" for a record of some fairly abstract entity type. Leaving it open to free form text creates a wide range of name values that don't easily sort, and may not be unique, which can be important for integrations. A calculated concatenated field can be date-stamped for guaranteed uniqueness. It can be made to sort logically, and it can become simple for the user to learn how to search using wildcards without having to resort to an advanced find, which though powerful some users simply can't get their head around.

This is a small change with a HUGE impact.