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Allow changing size of the default Datepicker Calendar element

Hi all,


Have gotten some feedback recently from some users that the calendar element is a little small, particularly the target size of the "OK" button after selecting a date.


Would be good if we are able to control the size of this element to suit, and customise the look and feel of it a little more as well.


I raised a thread about it here: and was advised to raise an idea for it to hopefully be developed as a feature in the future.

Status: New
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Also having this requirement from customer side. In the date picker the "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons are scaling too small. Also the requirement to press "Ok" or "Cancel" was seen as unessessary when it would be enough just to tap the appropriate date.

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Completely agree! Size is scaling too small, and selecting "Ok" seems unecessary!

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Our users think the calendar is too big, but we are using embedded canvas app in Dynamics 365 (not sure if that has something to do with it). Agree that Ok is totally unnecessary, i think I saw a separate idea for this one.

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This would be really useful as the calendar is too big for us, also agree that Ok is not necessary a click