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Allow date picker to select no date

If a date picker is linked to a date column in a data source that is non mandatory, you can set a date but can't then clear it again. The only way is to remove it in the SharePoint list directly.  

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Can you not set it to Blank()?

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No, if you clear the date and save it doesn't write back to the SharePoint list
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This is true of Excel data sources, too.


I find that in most of my apps, this kind of functionality is necessary. Pretty much any time you have a date picker (unless it's for a date of birth), you need to be able to clear the date entirely.


I am trying so many workarounds but those workarounds have ripple effects that destroy other functionality within the app and I'm coding in circles.


Strangely enough, datepickers were completely ignored in the null/blank values blog post at the end of March.

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I've created a PowerApp that has multiple datepicker controls.  This is a training request form.  I want the trainer to be able to choose a toggle to choose which of the submitted dates that person's training is scheduled, fill the Control for "Approved Training Date" with the date chosen.  I have done all of that, but if the Trainer wants to "Clear Out" the training dates, they cannot delete the Date from the field. 


The goal was to on each toggle, "OnUncheck" set the "Approved Training Date" to blank or Null.  I have not been able to figure it out, and this thread looks like the appropriate spot to add my vote!

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I cannot get a the date time picker to get a Null datetime2 to save to sql, this is essential for our app

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As a workaround I have set the default date of date pickers to the last record of their own collection. Clearing the collection of that date picker (which can be done in any OnSelect / OnChange / etc action) will empty the value in the date picker. Combined with some if-statements this could be workaround for most scenarios. (It even gives you the flexibility to open the date picker in a specific month with a nice ClearCollect-formula in the OnSelect property of the Date Picker)