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Allow discrete selection of entity-related solution components in solution export

Author Name: Shan McArthur

When we add an entity to a CRM solution, it drags along the schema, views, forms, charts, and many other sub-components. This makes it incredibly difficult to ship a small solution change from one CRM org to another and it makes it difficult for larger CRM teams to keep their work isolated from each other without having to resort to very complex conflict resolution strategies. The CRM solution model already supports exporting (and subsequent importing) of individual subcomponents if we hack the xml and take out forms/views/fields/relationships that we don't want to ship from one environment to another. The CRM solution UI does not have an add-existing or remove button for these solution components. Please add the ability to pick and choose individual solution subcomponents in the solution model instead of forcing us to bundle entity schema and UI in the same solution file.

This suggestion would make it easy for us to ship a single form, view, or even a field from one development environment to another. It would enable large CRM development teams to work better together with full isolation and minimal conflicts. It would be easier to patch a production environment.

Status: Under Review
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Status changed to: Under Review
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Thank you for your feedback. This is a area we are looking at for the future and we will consider this in our roadmap Mattb.