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Allow for Input Masking

Would be very useful if we're able to utilise Input Masking with elements in Powerapps to validate inputs such as mobile phone numbers, postal codes, etc.


Ideally I am thinking this would be a property of an Input field, where we can define the field's "schema", so the user has to meet this in order to submit the item.

Status: Under Review

Updating status and adding @FilipK

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IsMatch function has already been included last month which I think has already fulfilled more than the needs.


Hope this helps clarifying your request,


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Hi @hpkeong


Wasn't aware of the isMatch function. Have been testing it out and it works quite well as an input mask. Thanks for the heads up!


It would be great to see this improved with say a placeholder in the input field which we can define against this mask.

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In fact, when you start typing, it will show

= IsMatch(text, format,...) and in the dropdown, it will show up many options.

Although it may not as complete as tutorial, but it is a quick guidance and really works.


I used to use for Password and ID creation and this really works perfectly to ensure a perfect match.

You can use UpdateContext a Comment TextBox to alert user when things are not matching.

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Status changed to: Under Review

Updating status and adding @FilipK

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IsMatch is great for checking, but gives no guidance to the end user as to the expected input.

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We need input and display masks.


The default input mask for forms should look in the underlying data source. 

"fill most significant digits first" will not automatically set a decimal place, the user must explicitly type a decimal place character (dot or comma depending on locale).
"fill least significant digits first" will look at the data source schema and automatically decide how many decimal places to use. A SQL table schema of (decimal(20,8) already provides the necessary information. If such information is not available, such as a schema of float(), a sensible default should be available as a global App setting (like default 4 decimal places, but the user may change at the App Config). 

User should be able to switch between "fill least significant digits first" and "fill most significant digits first" without personalizing the card.


I propose that each field card in the form field manager also contains a drop-down of quick formatting choices, like: 
most significant first
least significant first
currency (least significant first + limit 2 decimal places)

To go beyond the simple choices, the field card should be unlocked. 

Level: Powered On

Agreed. Especially would liek to see currency input masks, where we can set the currency symbol in the field etc...

Level 8

3 different ways to implement a currency input mask:
1) The currency mask formatting is not visible until you submit the form (the simplest).
2) You can see the mask formatting even before submitting your form but you need to click away from the field to see the formatting (medium complexity).
3) The currency formatting is applied real time as you type in the numbers (the most complicated but the most natural way of working with currency).

Note, it's not a 100% solution but it will give you an idea.

Although I agree there should be a simpler way.