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Allow hover state to be used in formula

I'd love it if I could leverage a hover state for a formula. 


A simple example might be something like If(ExampleDropdown.Hover.State=true, Green, White). That way I could control other items depending on whether a control was being hovered over or not.


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It's funny... I was just thinking recently that I'd like to be able to put some formulas on control when the user hovers it... 

But on my side, I was thinking more of a OnHover event that would exist on each type of control... That way, we could implement actions or special behaviors when a control would be hovered.

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Our users could really use an OnHover event.


A mouse click for our users is an added action that often is timely and inefficient.


A simple OnHover could solve a lot of our usage-related issues. 

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Adding a new OnHover property with ability to add formula would enable the state of the controls to be changed.

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Update: I understand that PowerApps was originally developed as a platform for low-code Mobile development and "Hover" was not an option. This requirement has however changed since the introduction of pressure sensitive screens and developing PowerApps for desktop machines.