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Allow iteration of a data table

Power Apps makes it easy to connect to a data source using a data table control, but this control has very limited value.  Iterative methods are designed for tables, not data tables.  Extracting data from a data table and sending it into a collection or to Power Automate is not as simple as should be.  One should be able to use the <data table name> just as one uses a <table name>.

For example:

Set(json_data, JSON(ClearCollect(stufftosendtoflow, datasource))); <=== wants a table, not a data table



Or using ForAll.


I'm trying to do something that is VERY easy to do with actual code, but is very difficult to do with Power Apps + Power Automate: recursively list all folders and files in a directory, and export them to a Word document.

  <gnashing_of_teeth>This took 30 minutes to figure out with Python.</gnashing_of_teeth>



Status: New