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Allow pictures in Bulletins FAQs

Allow people to add photos and icons to Bulletins FAQs

Status: New

Hi @AxInt 


Thanks for the idea. Please note that the Bulletins app is a template app built on Power Apps canvas apps and Dataverse for Teams. This means that you have the capability to customize or extend the app to meet your own needs.


We will soon be releasing documents that show recipes for some of the most common Bulletins extension scenarios in our docs page ( In the meanwhile, you can review the architecture document, open the app in Power Apps on Teams studio, and make these edits yourself. You should be able to copy the patterns from main bulletins and make them available for FAQs.


Please let us know how it goes, and if we you are able to understand and edit the app to your needs. Our aim is to give app templates that work for 80% of the scenarios, and for users to be able to customize the apps using low-code tools. Please post here if you are blocked on being able to edit the app and make the necessary updates.