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Allow sharing a Dynamics connection

I'd like to request the ability to share a Dynamics CRM connection the way I can share a SQL connection.


The purpose is this:

I have a service account that is a member of several Dynamics instances.

I'd like to provide the Contacts in those instances visibility to their open Support Cases (read only)

As well as allow them to Open a new Case and send messages to the the Case owner.


The Contacts are usually not CRM Users of these instances, so they do not have read/write capabilities.

Thus the need for the service account to be shared (but not visible).


Of course, I can accomplish this with a web app with a custom swagger api, but this could be a useful scenario for a business/power user to create this without touching code.

Status: Under Review

Adding @archanan to confirm status.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

Adding @archanan to confirm status.


This feature would essentially replicate CRM Portals via PowerApps

Power Apps

Thanks for suggesting this idea. We won't be able to enable this soon since it affect other scenarios that uses Dynamics CRM connection as well. We don't have a way to allow you implicitly or explicitly share the connection today. Please work around using a web app with custom swagger api.