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Allow testing unpublished apps

Should support the ability to test a PowerApp from a mobile device without publishing.


Using the in-browser app preview is not sufficient for testing some functionality - for example the 'Add Attachment' card for SharePoint lists functions differently on a phone to PC.


Likewise a keyboard and mouse does not accurately reflect the usability/accesibility experience on a mobile device.

Status: New
Regular Visitor

This would be great. Perhaps with a toggle in the PowerApps mobile app to show unpublished or a separate version of the app which only shows draft versions. Being able to control which users can access unpublished versions would allow for a dev team and their selected users to perform user acceptance tests.

Regular Visitor

I agree. From a business perspective, the ability to fully test versions of apps on devices prior to publishing would greatly increase the confidence of businesses to adopt PowerApps. Would it be possible to allow publishing to a Test/Stage version, rather than straight to Live, and allow sharing of the Test/Stage version to seperate users?

Regular Visitor

This would be a godsend! There has to be a staging area where one can test the updates.