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Allow to add new terms to the Managed Metadata column (or edition in existing terms) in SharePoint list forms using PowerApps

When switching form standard form to custom PowerApps form on an existing SharePoint list where a Managed metadata (Taxonomy field) is used with the option "Allow fill in", it is impossible to  add new term.

Yet this option is correctly managed in the standard version of the form.

Status: New
Advocate I

It baffles me that despite Microsoft rolling out the 'Modern Term Store', there is still very little in the way of integration between the SharePoint Online Term Store, and the Power Platform. Allowing users to add new terms to open term sets 'on the fly' (i.e. when adding a new list item) is very useful and currently only available using SharePoint new item forms in CLASSIC mode. I want to use Power Apps so that I can do things like hide fields unless others are populated, etc. but without the ability to include the 'add new term' (when an appropriate term in not present in the term store already) means that I can't use them. Kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

Post Patron
Post Patron

Typical incomplete tech being released. A few years will undoubtedly pass and many complaints till something is done. C'mon there's duplication of apps (Cortana, MyAnalytics etc.) to be done, rhetoric to conjure up coupled with seemingly no project/program oversight. Look at the PDF Viewer for example. The PDF Viewer can't view PDFs. Please don't anyone chime in with the lame excuse "it's a security issue": NOT MY PROBLEM. I pay for a subscription. If it includes a PDF Viewer I expect it to view PDFs. To argue any either way is nothing but reprehensible. 


You can't keep promulgating vehicles missing steering wheels or windows or only with three wheels.