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Allow us to perform bulk edits on currency fields (like we could in CRM 3.0)


Since the introduction of CRM 4.0, and the (un)wise choice to decide on behalf of every CRM user that to prevent multi-currency problems, MS would choose FOR them to prevent EVERYONE from doing bulk edits on currency fields, we have had a lot of complaints from users.

MS needs to fix this. It worked in CRM 3.0 - now it doesn't.

Allow customers to CHOOSE to have the ability to do bulk edits on currency fields. Many, perhaps MOST customers do NOT use or need multi-curency, so the functionality should address the majority's need with this issue. Regardless, it should still be a customer's CHOICE to allow this or not - not a limitation (BUG) that purposely MS hard codes into the code to prevent.

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I suggest introducing a field type of "money" which does all the display things that a currency field does (show currency symbol or indicator, apply precision system-wide if desired), but does not automatically add a base_ field, does not force a "currency" lookup field and does allow bulk edit. This would not enable CRM customers to choose to turn on or off the "clever" multicurrency stuff, but at least to be able to do this for custom fields they add, and selectively as well. You may want some money fields for simple things (maybe customer annual turnover) but currency ones with all their extras for other things such as sales orders. Re-engineering the existing functionality sounds like a big effort, and I can't see it being possible to apply this new field type to a system field, just for new custom fields. As for allowing bulk edit more generally, this ought to be an *automatically*, determined at run time when you open a bulk edit form, if you only have a single currency installed in the organisation. This would still have to populate the base_ fields, since you may be using them on views and reports, but at least this could potentially be done as a straight copy of the same value. Alternatively, simply determine if the records all share the same currency, regardless of how many you are using. (rather like when you merge two contacts and it won't let you if they do not share the same parent account). Again, this can take the single value you enter, calculate the exchange rate stuff once, then write the local_ and base_ values to each record. I'm sure someone cleverer than me will explain why it is "not that simple", but it sounds good.
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Thank you for your feedback. This is not a common use case, and we are not planning to consider this at this point.