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Allow us to update a numeric field to null/blank value

If you have assigned a value to a numeric field (in Sharepoint for example) you cannot delete this value or update it to null/blank

Status: Planned
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Also, another bug is that it seems that PowerApps reads blank/null values in numeric fields of SP lists as zeros, please see the following screenshots:


From SharePoint



And from a PowerApp gallery



Advocate II

This also seems to apply outside Sharepoint - for example if updating an SQL Table you should be able to set a numeric field to null (blank)

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned
Community Champion

Hello @Audrie-MSFT

Is there any update on expected timing?  This is a show-stopper for me.


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I have the same issue with person field. Is PowerApps team resolving it for all fieldtypes or do I need to create a separate idea for this one? 

Community Champion

I suspect that once we can set one field type to null then we will be able to set all field types to null.  However, this may not be happening soon enough.

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Hi @Meneghino, do you have a rough idea on when this will be available.

I have the same kind of issue where I need to set a Choice type value in a sharepoint list based on another column in another list that can be empty. If the latter is empty, the former should remain empty too but it fails because either when my expression return null or empty string ('').


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Same here, neither number field nor person field can be nullified. Please fix it / make it work. Thanks!

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Unfortunately I have no idea when this will be available, but the more we can vote up this idea, the sooner hopefully it will be resolved.

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This is basic stuff and much needed. Pls make it happen.