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Allow us to update a numeric field to null/blank value

If you have assigned a value to a numeric field (in Sharepoint for example) you cannot delete this value or update it to null/blank

Status: Planned
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Planned since 2017, mates ... come on. 😉

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Very frustrating, MS is not supporting this product at all. We have no response here from MS for years. I always have to fix bugs and patch things. I think this product has to be one of their worst.

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@FrancisL and anyone else here ... I built a very simple solution using the HTTPS action.


This should get what you need, feel free to replace GetById with GetByName and use the list name (I just know that I change mine a lot😞


Create a Send an HTTP request to SharePoint action as a POST in your flow:

  • URI_api/web/lists/GetById('YOUR_LIST_ID')/items(ITEM_ID)
  • Headers - code follows list - You need Content-Type, Accept, IF-MATCH, and X-HTTP-Method, headers.
  • Body - code follows list - Clarify the '__metadata' 'type' to "SP.Data.LIST_NAMEListItem" (where LIST_NAME is case sensitive, with a capitalised first letter), then list any fields (case sensitive) that you'd like to make null, and set the value to null.



Header JSON

  "Content-Type": "application/json;odata=verbose",
  "Accept": "application/json;odata=verbose",
  "IF-MATCH": "*",
  "X-HTTP-Method": "MERGE"


	"__metadata": {
		"type": "SP.Data.LIST_NAMEListItem"
  • LIST_NAME is the exact name of the list, case sensitive, but *always* capitalise the first letter.
  • YOUR_LIST_COLUMN_NAME is exactly the case sensitive to the list column.


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It's been 5 years now since I created this idea. Backed by 183 people, 43 comments and has been planned since 2017.

Was this platform just a spur of the moment idea back then?

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Too right, @LarsDP ... at least it's possible with my workaround, though, eh? Eh? 😉

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Any update on this?

Recently accidentally set a default to zero when it should have been blank. 

The only way for me to return values back to null was to edit directly in SharePoint. 


Considering this idea has been posted since 2016 and there is a considerable difference between Zero and Null. When can we expect resolution?

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Still waiting for this problem to be resolved.  Any update on the time frame for resolution?

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I just stumbled across this problem. Very annoying and I cannot believe that MS are taking this long to address it.