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Allow us to update a numeric field to null/blank value

If you have assigned a value to a numeric field (in Sharepoint for example) you cannot delete this value or update it to null/blank

Status: Planned
Helper II

This is a basic requirement. Why so long to fix!! Unable to Patch a null person on an SP list.

Not applicable

One way to go around this is to change the field type to Straight Line text in the sharepoint list and then change the text format to TextFormat.Number in Powerapps. works for me


Regular Visitor

This is definitly a requirment for CDS. I know it is available in SQL now but this needs to be in CDS.

Advocate V

Can we get an update on this VERY OLD problem that was marked as "Planned" years ago?  Null() or Blank() can be acheived by opening my SharePoint list and manually deleting the entered value, so why can't I acheive this through a Patch from my PowerApp?

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Has there been an update on this? It's been 2 years.....

Advocate I

I agree, it is completely unacceptable that a solution to this basic and reasonable fix is not being delivered urgently. 


If this is the expected support level for PowerApps issues then I am re-evaluating whether it is worth adopting as a platform.

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This is solved with the experimental feature "Formula-level error management". See

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This is a bug and I am surprised that it has been open since 2018. Not being able to clear a field is pretty serious. I don´t like to use experimental features in my production environment, as these features can be removed / retracted at any time without any notice by Microsoft.

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The problem exists amazingly until today and should be fixed.

Not applicable

Wow it already 2020 (2 years and more already) but still no fix has done yet?

This is basic but a very serious issue that Microsoft should consider. 


Please allow null or blank values when editing Choice, Date, Person and Number field. We urgent need this.