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Allow us to update a numeric field to null/blank value

If you have assigned a value to a numeric field (in Sharepoint for example) you cannot delete this value or update it to null/blank

Status: Planned
New Member

very serious problem, as the user does not receive a message and therefore the data status becomes inconsistent - user must think value has changed, but it didnt. I can not understand why Microsoft is not fixing this simple to solve problem - very disappointing. Next time thinking twice if we should use PowerApps.



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We have a serious issue with not being able to set a SP People Picker field back to empty. I can't write a new Power Automate just to clear 2 fields in my list. This is just ridiculous.

Helper I

Need this sooner. Can't patch SP lists if one field is blank

Frequent Visitor

Just ran into this, not being able to set numeric value to null.  Was rather irritating and confusing.  Really needs to be fixed.  I say fixed as I consider this a bug, not a lack of a feature.  My 2 cents.

Resolver I

From the initial suggestion to "planned" 4 years have passed.

This is an exceptionally long time not to address this issue. 
Please Microsoft fix changing data back to null. 

Close is only in horseshoes and hand grenades. 

Helper II

came across this one today - time to change all my data to Single Line text .. and do number casting

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Hi everyone,

Any update on this? I really need to set a number SP column as null or void because 0 could be a value itself, so I need to set some columns to blank. 

I have tried patching Value(Blank()) but it patches a 0 on the SP list item and that is not an option.

Please Microsoft, we need a solution to this issue as soon as possible, even after 4 years of having this post opened.

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I heard a rumor that about a year after people have landed on mars technological advancements have will have come so far that even a field values can be restored to their original blank state in some way.

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Hi @Audrie-MSFT , 

You maked this as PLANNED on 03-13-2017.  This is a very unusually long time for such a big fix.  What happened?  Please give us an update.

Thank you


New Member

Hi all,

I had the same issue and wanted to write NULL value for an int that my SQL Server was waiting for for a specific purpose.
Unfortunately I was stuck with Power Automate limitation and found this thread mentioning this functionality as planned for 4 years now... It's a very simple functionality and am shocked that Microsoft still didn't manage to implement it!

My only work around was to work with a stored procedure I call and whenever the sharepointid sent has no value, the stored procedure write NULL in the SQL Server... Quite hard to do tha way for something that "simple".

Anyway, I still hope that Microsoft will make this "functionality" happen in the near future.

Kind regards,