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Allow using the ".OnSelect" attribute of components on other screens

Right now, if you have a screen with a button called BtnA that has a .Fill attribute of "Orange", for example, you can, on another screen, create a button called BtnB that will have a .Fill attribute of "BtnA.Fill".



My suggestion is to allow using the ".OnSelect" attribute the same way.


The reason for this is that I am currently using labels as functions (as seen in the screenshot below). I put all my operations in their ".OnSelect" attribute and they can call each other by doing Select(Lbl_SomeFunction), or a button can have an operation to select one of the labels. It is a great way to have some sort of "user defined functions", but my issue is when these blocks of code are repeated across multiple screens. If I need to modify one line in one of these labels, I need to go into all the other screens and edit that label's ".OnSelect" attribute.


2018-11-20 11_33_40-POReception_DEV - Saved (Unpublished) - PowerApps.png

If I could only have my operations written in unique labels on a screen, and then simply point to that screen's labels the same way you can point to another screen's component's fill color, as seen in my initial example, I wouldn't have to repeat my modifications on every single screen.

Status: New