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Allowing multiple Users to edit the powerapp at the same time.

Can multiple people work on different screens in a single app at the same time?


Is this feature currently available?

It would be great if this feature is available, it can increase the productivity.

Status: New
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This would be great to have!

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could we add a way to also work on the same screen and improve version control? it seems a little too basic to only have one person on a screen at a time espessially for some of our more complex apps. 


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any news on this ine? this is really important for enterprise work.

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Hi all , any news at that one as this is a deal breaker with enterprise work ?

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Any news on that is it on the roadmap? It is really important.

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This is a much needed feature in order to increase the productivity, specially when developing large applications

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Really could use this to help my corporate Citizen Developers navigate creating the app.

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Power Apps seems to have released a feature to allow multiple developers to work on the same canvas app at the same time. Check the article below for full setup instructions. I have not yet tested to see if this works, but give it a read: