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An option to create new custom functions in PowerApps in libraries

The coding part of PowerApps can contain complex code. It would be great if the code could be simplified by storying the code in libraries that can be maintained from within the PowerApps Studio.

Status: Under Review
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I agree with Pieter that this should be a PowerApps changing feature when this becomes possible.  When your add it:

  • then make it possible to export/import this library, so we can export it to other apps.
  • also add password and security properties. A bit like in vba excel.


I posted an idea on this matter my self a few months ago, see threat:

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Status changed to: Under Review
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We are in the middle of developing a large PowerApps app and the amout of "code smell" is really high. We basically have copy-pasted formulas all over the place. If we update the logic in one place we have to remember to do the same in several other places. Considering there is no way to search for formulas in PowerApps - we have a perfect storm situation

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Just to link similar posts:

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Agreed!  A sortable library of code, in a customizable pop-out window/pallet, would be far better than the Word doc compilation I am currently using.

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@DenisMolodtsov  I totally feel your pain.  One thing I've had to resort to when making changes to a cloned function and I cannot recall all the places a clone exists is to export the msapp file and use Notepad++ to hunt through the unzipped msapp with Find/Replace.  I still have to go back into the PA Studio to go to each clone and make the change, but it has helped me find clones I totally forgot about. PITA but it's been better than nothing.  

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@mr-dang This * * * * IMPORTANT * * * feature has been under review for 2 years. A similar idea,

has been under review for nearly 4 years. Another one also for 2 years, 

How on earth could you call a platform "LOW-CODE" with no possibility for code reuse. What does this "UNDER REVIEW" mean? Probably it is - "JUST SWEEP IT UNDER THE CARPET!!!" Does it take the world's largest SW company 4 years to review such a small feature request? Come on.

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PA is dead. The biggest changes they did in the last 2 years were in the billing policy. The only changes I witnessed in my workflow was PA getting slower and slower as time goes by without adding any good features. (Good as features wanted by the community).


Yes, I'm salty about licenses going from 10 to 40$ per user for using AZURE SQL...