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App -- Revision Control

Is it possible to extract or output a list of changes made to your application?



When making changes to an application, I would like to see a list of those changes.  We make dozens of changes to an application and save them.  We would like to record and review (list) anything that is outside the default values.  Changes are made and saved but because the code is not visible, it is challenging to see where all the changes are.


Also the revision control should allow you to write comments at the time of save so you can know what you want to revert back to if the time should come.  Currently I have to guess what changes were made in a specific revision.  The rollback feature, while beneficial could be more helpful if there were a way to document changes.  Maybe something like Git Blame documentation.




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I definitely agree with some sort of ability to add comments to every save/publish!
As it is right now, on an app I am currently developing I already have 350 versions, with no clue which one is which. In case I need to revert back, I need to guess using the time as an aproximate indicator of the version I need...