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Append comments Field

Please consider adding a feature to get to the appended comment history from a sharpoint list comment filed with append and versioning turned on to appear in a power app card?


Status: Under Review
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agree @Anonymous this is not a perfect solution, particularly if you are looking to use SharePoint to interact with the items.


In my case, this was not the case and the SharePoint lists are used solely to store the data and the expectation is that nobody would ever add, update or delete anything except by way of the app.


At its simplest, to achieve the basic commenting function, I use two lists:

  • a main list to store items
  • a second list to store comments

The comments list has a number field called MainItemID linking it to it's associated item in the main list. The comments list can then be displayed in a gallery along side the main items showing the comments related to the currently selected item as shown in my original post. Below is a more complicated example of the same concept in a dispatch app that comments back and forth to staff using a mobile app.


In the form, you can assign the comment's MainItemID as the associated item's ID in the gallery you invoke the new comment form from. In my example below, I use a flexible height gallery so each comment is as tall as it's content. I also assign a field when created denoting the author (dispatch or staff) so the comment bubble can be aligned and colored differently making it feel like a text message app or similar. In the example below, the entire comment functionality slides in from the right when an icon is clicked. Using a variable & timer, I set an icon to shown new comments since the last time the panel was opened.




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Would really appreciate this feature for an upcoming app I'm working on. Any updates on the review?

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@Audrie-MSFTAny news (its been in review for a few months now) ...this is holding us up on implementing our HELP desk application.


Thank you

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The way I understand it, it's not PowerApps limitation but how  the the data is stored in Sharepoint.  I did attempt to hack my way to get it done via html REST request but the result were underwhelming.


I don't think we will ever see this happen unless we're ready to accept a huge performance impact.

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@systemcrash Thanks for that insight but I will await an official reply from the MS team otherwise what is the point in having the feature that can be turned on but does not work 😉

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 Please implement this. I have run into continuous roadblocks with Sharepoint and PowerApps integration, this being another example. 

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it's a must-have feature as nowadays people use mobile apps to do every tasks.


The capability to collaborate/commenting on a list item will make sharepoint & powerapps outperform similar platform!

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I ran across this yesterday, I'm astounded that a basic SharePoint function that's been in use for years breaks when I try to customize the forms with powerapps. I'll have to figure out another option as we're reliant on this for an urgent project 

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@PhilD, could you please ellaborate your idea  by using 2 lists?





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You used to be able to do this in InfoPath.  I did it all the time to create a "Transaction History Log" of sorts.  This is an important feature that many businesses want/need.