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Append comments Field

Please consider adding a feature to get to the appended comment history from a sharpoint list comment filed with append and versioning turned on to appear in a power app card?


Status: Under Review
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Helper I


I am developing a number of apps for integration of forms in place of soon to be defunct InfoPath and now defunct Access Web Apps for my SharePoint Lists.

Can I use the CDS for SharePoint integration?

If so, an item I need addressed is the ability to access the SharePoint Multiline Field with append option, is this just a datasource within a datasource, it should be accessible!

My users rely on this heavily to report on project progress daily so the ability to view and add to this ‘list of comments’ is crucial to my app development, there must be a way to integrate this into PowerApps? Timestamped records of user comments, as this field offers, as stated is critical to functionality.

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Yes this is also causing me an issue you only see the last comment 

And then when you edit it shows that last comment and then saves that back ( which also creates a new comment ) I can make that edit box empty when you do the edit


But how to list out all the commenst ?


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Would also like to see this - in the meantime;


There is a manual powershell process to extract here which you can then present in PowerApps

You could also create a weblink for the user to view the item in SharePoint as a workaround, as this shows the history - but that does take them out of the PowerApp interface and exposes the sharepoint source to the user which may not be ideal.  Weblink looks like this;




Where SITEURL = your sharepoint site url

LISTNAME = your list name

ITEMID = the ID of the item


All of which must have standard URL notation (%20 for spaces etc.) and you can dynamically build the URL in PowerApps which helps to keep it relevant to what the user is looking at


Hope this helps,



Helper I
Helper I
Yep frustrating should be a simple inherent capability if powerapps is going to replace infopath
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So the work around I'm planning on is a Flow that copies every comment as they are made to a seperate SP list.  Then I use this new list to look up and present all the comments in the PowerApp . Not ellegent , but it I think it will work. I have the flow running , and i'll post back once I have some time to play with the App end.



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I suppose you could also use PowerApps to append one comment to the next and separate with a semi-colon or pipe, but splitting them out again could be tedious in PowerApps and using flow is probably just as much effort as doing it the way you're already doing it...

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Is there any movement on this?

We have a sharepoint list as the backend of a PowerApp for a ticketing system.

Appended field works great for comments and updates of a ticket. Powerapps only shows the latest submitted comment Smiley Sad

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To anyone still waiting for this to be compatible with PowerApps.


We have sorted a side solution while we wait for this feature. 

Created an SQL table to hold comments, datetime stamp and an ID field that links to the ID of the sharepoint list item.


This way you can have a comment entry system without losing the timeline of comments and only showing the latest one.


Still look forward to appended fields being comaptible, but hope this helps anyone who is desperate for an alternative solution right now.

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Being able to customize SP list forms using Powerapps is useless so long as Powerapps lacks the capability to handle text fields that use the "append to existing text" feature. Appending timestamped entries is one of the most basic list functions, and was handled well in the classic SharePoint form. Why on earth was it omitted from the "modern" form and the Powerapps customization? Please get this done! Thx.
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Hi ,


This is a must functionality and a response from the Microsoft Product team will be highly appreciated.