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Append comments Field

Please consider adding a feature to get to the appended comment history from a sharpoint list comment filed with append and versioning turned on to appear in a power app card?


Status: Under Review
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I was actually surprised to find out that append changes to existing text option on multi-line text field is not available in modern experience. This is a critical functionality for capturing a running commentary and referring to user's time-stamped comment related to a list item. Is there any update from MS, or are we talking to a wall here?

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I am also curious if this is going to be worked on.

The append only comment makes sense to be used as it allows to understand the history of a processed item. It is very convenient for the user to use it and it ensures that the entered comments are not modified afterwards.

From my point of view this is a must have for isses. As PowerApps replaces the other form options it is also a must have for PowerApps to show all the comments of such a field.


This idea is pretty old and it seems that there is no progress on this issue.

Feedback from MS-Staff would be appreciated.

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Me too! 

I would love to see this happening!


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This is extremely critical functionality missing from PowerApps. Must be added ASAP.

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I concur with the comments left by others. This omission leaves a gaping whole that is not easily filled. Furthermore, the hole left is directly related to one of the most basic ideas in capturing business information -  recording contributions by multiple users on an item to view and track its progress through various phases of a process.


Can anyone from MS following this thread please provide some information on whether this is even being considered? Please?

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Text fields with "append changes" set are now working properly in the SharePoint modern experience per this update. I've verified that it's working on two of my tenants.  So far so good, although it's a little inconvenient because it opens in an edit box (at least when using formatted text) and requires the user to click twice to save.  If anyone has tried PowerApps lately, please post and let us all know, thanks.


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Append changes to text is working in modern views here.


In PowerApps though it appears to be the same. A rich text box can display and update the multiline text field in the datacard but there does not seem to be a straightforward way to display comments other than the most recent one. Presumably PowerApps would need to retrieve all the previous versions of a list item to do this and I don't think this is supported, although I would be delighted to be found wrong on this point.

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@PhilD  is correct in that this scenario is not support at this time.  We're actively looking at unlocking these types of scenarios to better support custom forms in SharePoint.  As we're still investigating we don't have a timeline yet.


Hope this helps!




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Thanks @chmoncayMSFT


It's great to know this is on the radar Smiley Happy

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Great to know it's on the radar, but any news yet? Smiley Indifferent