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Append comments Field

Please consider adding a feature to get to the appended comment history from a sharpoint list comment filed with append and versioning turned on to appear in a power app card?


Status: Under Review
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I agree with almost all of the comments.  This is currently one of the major holes in the application.  I'm glad to know it's at least on the radar.

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Power Apps
Status changed to: Under Review
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Ok, we are over a month under review now. What's next? Smiley Happy

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This is a requirement for us as well.

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Append changes is now supported in Modern SharePoint for targeted release customers. So, please please can this be supported in PowerApps

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I have used a separate comments list to allow comments on items, using the ID of the item to connect the comments to the item. This allows an ongoing dialog to happen around a SharePoint list item and works pretty well. This is most useful when you are not interacting with the SharePoint list in SharePoint, but only doing so using PowerApps. If anyone is interested, I could elaborate on this method and how I accomplished this.



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@PhilD can you please elaborate the steps how can we achive this.

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@PhilD Yes please elaborate. 

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Sorry for the delay, I will definitely elaborate on this as it has worked well and is not particularly difficult. Really busy with a few deadlines now... will post some more info soon that will hopefully be helpful.

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Very nice that @PhilD has created some workaround. But what I am looking for is out of the box support of this append comments field. Our users are also using the lists from within SharePoint, so it needs to be the standard field.


@powerapps Staff: give please us some update?