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Append comments Field

Please consider adding a feature to get to the appended comment history from a sharpoint list comment filed with append and versioning turned on to appear in a power app card?


Status: Under Review
Level: Powered On


It's very disappointing that MS so actively encourages PowerApps based forms for Modern Lists but then doesn't support such a core SharePoint feature. We have several long-standing core business workflows using append-only columns to track comments on a list item. Building a new list to hold comments doesn't let users see historical comments on older items which is a very common use case for us, and it seems perverse to put resources into maintaining a Flow when the functionality should have been OOTB from day one. I think we'll need to stick with the existing InfoPath forms for a couple more years at least.



Level: Power Up

Agree with all others - this really needs to be present in powerapps as we use append changes to existing text quite extensively.  Can't believe this has been an outstanding issue for as long as it has...