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Application Close Event

We need a way to detect when the user has swiped right to close the application and to either automatically cach the unsaved data locally or prompt the user that there are unsaved changes and what should we do.  Really, i need to interecept the close event and get their attention and perform an action.


Right now if my user has been working offline with local collections and they have either not manually saved the data to the local device or have disabled our auto save functionailty - all work will be lost.


How can i understand that the application is closing and that i need to call all of my SaveData routines?


-Eric Niemiec

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

Agreed, this would be really useful.  At times you need..

1) To take actions on exiting, which may be more than just warning the user about unsaved data (ie more than confirmexit.)

2) Something approaching a kiosk mode and not letting a swipe shut the app down other than in very controlled circumstances

Regular Visitor

This is so much needed feature. Any progress so far? 

Helper I

Is this feature implemented?