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Application Close Event

We need a way to detect when the user has swiped right to close the application and to either automatically cach the unsaved data locally or prompt the user that there are unsaved changes and what should we do.  Really, i need to interecept the close event and get their attention and perform an action.


Right now if my user has been working offline with local collections and they have either not manually saved the data to the local device or have disabled our auto save functionailty - all work will be lost.


How can i understand that the application is closing and that i need to call all of my SaveData routines?


-Eric Niemiec

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An OnClose event would be extremely useful to hook some kind of user action into, this could be useful to stop users from closing a PowerApp by accident without any warning.

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Similarly for SharePoint list integration, it would be great to be able to detect if the user clicks away from the form.

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Not only would be having this event be nice to prompt the user then to save the data, but having collections marked as autosave-able might be another good option.  It might hinder performance a bit depending on how your app is built, but marking a collection as autosave-able and having it commit to memory in the background once a change has been made to it woul dbe a great option for offline apps.

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Yes! OnClose - function that can act on closing browser tabs / browser windows.

Same effect like when closing the browser based PowerApp studio: PowerApps_OnClose_notification.PNG

(we can then create own controls so we can determine the text in the notification / text in the buttons)

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We definetely want this feature.


Actually a trace within the app must be added for the following two scenarios:

  1. Swipe right to close the app
  2. Back button on android that enables an on-screen message display to close the app also.
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I too would like that.


I am working on an ehnacement that allows access for a user to a list only while a PowerApp is open, on exiting the name is removed from the access list from the group.


Crashing out of PowerApps in the middle is a vulnerability as potentially the user is left with access to the group.

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Is the ConfirmExit recently released the answer on this request?


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Thanks Django, that is interesting. I will look into using this to help when someone tries to close the app with unsaved data.


Unfortunately I do not think I can use it unless:


The ConfirmExitMessage dialogue box has the option to 'Close' the app. Now if I can configure that 'close' button to trigger a Flow and then close the app, then it would be happy days.


I have to give this some thought and have a play.





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The App does need an OnClose event to help solve these types of challenges.

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slide to close in powerapps on cell phone.


I find the problems that slip and within the app closes without asking anything and the information is lost, someone knows some solution or Microsoft should solve this problem !!!


since the function to close the app on the cell phone when you are inside it is very sensitive and when you are working on it it closes out of nowhere, you should remove this option that when you slide it closes